Hyperformula - WORKDAY.INTL

I can’t use this formula to get results like in Excel.

Where did I go wrong?


I want to find a working day that cuts off Saturday and Sunday. by starting on 2021-11-01 and set the date to work is 5 days

Thank you very much for helping me. :pray: :pray: :pray:

=2021-11-01 is not understood as a date, I’m guessing—I think it’s understood as an arithmetic expression that evaluates to 2009.

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Try changing A1 to =DATE(2021,11,01).


Is there any way that can be used Can I get date information from the date column? I tried the picture and it doesn’t show any results.

What are you trying to get for a result? Maybe there is a better way instead of trying to use excel formulas.

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Are you just trying to identify which dates are weekdays (Mon-Fri)?

If that’s the case, you can do that with a combination of a Math and If-then-else column:

  • Math column uses Weekday(Date)
  • If-then-else:
    – If math column < 2, then empty
    – Else if math column > 6, then empty
    – Else true


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