HTML In Rich Text


I have teh following HTML inside a rich text element:

Color Picker

It is rendering fine in jsfiddle but the picker isn’t loading in Glide.


Any thoughts on my it might not be rendering?


It’s trying to load external JavaScript, which won’t work.
It’s also referring to CSS classes, which won’t work unless you’re on a Business/Enterprise plan and have defined the classes.

Assuming that this did work, what would you expect to do with the selected colour? As far as I’m aware, there would be no way to capture that and use it in your form.

ok understood. I am on a business plan so I could include the CSS but if it is trying to load external JS then I guess I will find anotehr solution.

I am just trying to allow someone to copy hex into a form field and I will then construct a URL using this to grab a swatch colour image.

I could just link to a sepate webpage to do it but i was hoping to keep it all in one place

I saw your other post related to this.
Is it important that the user can choose any hex value, or would it be good enough to give them a range of colours to choose from?

What I’ve done in the past is loaded up a table with the list of 160-odd web safe colours, and use that in a choice component.

But I’m guessing that wouldn’t work for you?

Unfortuantely not. It ok, for now I have a link to the online google hex generator

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