How would you hand two contexts for the same view?

Clients and I both use the glideapp we’ve built. They use it to manage their own involvement in our work. I use it to manage multiple clients.

There are often views that we both use. One I am working on at the moment is a risk register. Whether I am looking at the risk register for a particular client or they are the view is essentially the same. The only difference is that I can see it for multiple companies as a “advisor” level user.

I currently handle such view like this:

  • Create the client view. Rely on owner columns the pull the relevant data. Their path is effectively Client-home → Risks

  • Create a second view for me, that is a “drill down” from a client screen . My path is then effectively Advisor-home-> Clients → Risks so that the screen knows what client I am looking at.

This works, but it making maintenance/change hard (as lots of things are duplicated).

Outside of Glide I’d probably look at either template blocks or storing the client of interest in a session variable. I believe neither are possible here.

I feel like there is probably a way of be passing another variable down the navigation path (like I might with a get var in a traditional web app). I can’t figure out the Glide approach though.

Otherwise the only approach I can think of is to store the current client of interest in data, change any client navigation to have a custom action to change that variable and lose breadcrumbs for “advisor” level users. Feels unwieldly.

Any suggestions?

Not sure if this applies, but have you considered using the deeplink of the screen to get context?


I’m not sure if that applies either yet. I’m thinking it through. VERY interesting though. I will definitely be using that at some point, whether it is for this issue or another.

Thanks so much. I was half the way through that when I realised you recorded it for me. Amazing.

I’ll go back over the issue with this new information in mind.

So in your Client-home tab and Advisor-home tab you’re displaying an item/a button for people to go to the Risks part?

For clients it sits in the top navigation.

For admin I have a collection of clients on the home dashboard. That links to a view for each client. This will include a widget of the top risks that will link to the full risk view for each client.

Does that make sense?