How would I duplicate a sheet to only show an updated list of the 'last 10 items logged by each user'

I am working on an app for a sport club and want to show the last 10 workouts logged by each user.

Is there some simple formula to duplicate a sheet filled with dozens of items for several users but only the most recent 10 items per user?


Hi Jaime, this was a bit of a tricky one.

I’m used to group-wise ranking in SQL but have never tried this in Google Sheets, interesting use case.

For this one I have 2 steps:

  • Ranking group-wise by a script (as Arrayformula, Rank and If can’t work together in my experience).

  • Query to return only rankings less than or equal a pre-defined number.


In this example I tried to return 3 latest entries for each type of user (A & B).

The script I used for the custom function:

  function customrank(arr) {
  arr = arr.filter(function(r) {
    return r[0] != "";
  return {
    return arr.reduce(function(rank, r2) {
      return rank += (r2[0] == r1[0] && r2[1] > r1[1]);
    }, 1);

The link to the Sheet is [here](

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Oh man, that is magic. Thank you @ThinhDinh! I’ll add that to my project. Appreciate it, man :+1:

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My pleasure to help :smile: