How to Use Dellinger with Rich text Component

I type some text in dellinger with required formatting. i.e. Bold, Italic, etc…
Now how to insert this in My particular description cell for each item.

For the purpose of admission to first year of Course, -

  1. a candidate shall have passed the qualifying examination with at least 50%(Bold)aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematicsand also(bold)at least 50% marks** in aggregate of the qualifying examination

Just copy the text that you typed into and paste it in the spreadsheet cell. Then use the Rich Text component in the app builder.

I copy This text…by Ctrl+C

and Paste in sheet for B.Arc Description… Result is…


Is the problem that it’s spreading out across multiple rows? If that’s the case, then instead of clicking on B2 and pasting there, click on B2 and paste the text in the formula bar (fx) at the top, right below the undo button.

If the problem is that it’s not formatted in markdown, you won’t see the markdown formatting until it is viewed in the Rich Text component.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager

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