How to use a query column to Rank a column of Scores

People have score points and i need to know the rank of their score.
Scores - 500,230,400,158,300 going down the first column
Second column - Ranked 1st, Ranked 4th, Ranked 2nd, Ranked 5th, Ranked 3rd
I can do this the old way with many columns but can someone show me how to do this using the query column?
Many Thanks.

This is just off the top of my head, and doesn’t handle ties…

  • Create a Query column, target at the Scores column and sort by Score descending
  • Create a Lookup column that fetches the RowID via the Query to create an array of RowIDs
  • Find Element Index that gets each RowID Index from the array of RowIDs
  • Add one to that to get the Rank

Okay perfect. Thanks Darren I will try this shortly.

It works and i would think less taxing on the system, but still 6 columns till result.
Query > Lookup > Find > Align > Ordinal > Template
Thanks Darren for your help

Just built this with updating Darren’s instructions a bit! ( calculate ties too! )

Edit :

Read your question again and saw that you need it backwards and understood that why darren mentioned sort the query column in descending.

After making it as descending :

Thanks for this. It’s around the same number of columns but nice to have solutions for ties. The old way of relate/lookup/find/sort/reverse etc can also accommodate ties. But i’ve always wanted a way to just assign ties a consecutive rank. Nice to have options, thanks for all the help.