How to share sensitive data with specific users for a certain amount of time


I want to build a demo for a connected car sharing app.
We’ve built an integration that allows to connect your connected car to the app and see your car’s data, location, tire pressure, fuel tank … and lock/unlock the vehicle.

I made one table with all the cars from all customers. Since this is sensitive data I’ve enable “row owners”. But now I want to allow users to be able to share: specific data of a specific car, with a specific other user for a certain amount of time / until the access is revoked.

Any advice on how to set-this up in a secure way in Glide?
I have some ideas on how to do this with Airtable as a back-end and or with custom code but I would prefer to do as much as possible in Glide so we can keep this as a template.

Many thanks for your advice.


Below a screenshot to get an impression:


The way to do it would be to have an action that writes the invitees email address into a column with row owners applied when the invite is sent.

In terms of “expiring” the access, it’s just a matter of removing the email address. That could also be done with an action, but there’s currently no way to do that natively in Glide based on time. So you’d need to use an external integration tool such as Zapier or Make.

That said, I know that Glide have big plans for actions this year, and I can imagine having the ability to trigger actions based on time is something we might see pretty soon.

Where it could get quite cumbersome is if you need to allow for any arbitrary number of invites (on a single row). There is no way to dynamically create new columns, so you’d have to add a number of placeholder columns up front - as many as you’re likely to need.

The other thing that occurs to me is if you have Row Owners applied to your Users table, then you’d probably need a mirrored “Public Users” table, otherwise users wouldn’t be able to see each other - and wouldn’t be able to send invites.

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Hi Darren, thanks for your reply.

I understand Glide only supports actions/triggers based on button’s pressed atm.
I would be ok if we start without the automatic expiration, users can always view their shared cars data and disable it if needed. And if it would be needed, I’ll also set-up an Airtable version.

Not sure if I completely understand your solution but I’ll do some thinking first.

Why do you say this would be tricky? Do you think Glide doesn’t allow to do this in a reliable manner?

I’ll get back to you once if I get stuck.

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I wouldn’t say it’s unreliable, but it’s hard to set up. That “specific data of a specific car” part sounds a bit of a trouble for me as well, like they can share characteristic A, B, C but also have the option to not share characteristic X, Y, Z to certain users?

Tricky, because it’s not a straight forward thing to do and requires external integration tools.

Also, this…

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Yes indeed, that would be the goal. In some situations you want to only share location / tire pressure or mileage data … if this can’t be done in Glide easily I think we’ll fix this with an integration.

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ok thanks for your feedback.