How to set the app for the Local country time?

Hi, I have a telemedicine app and me (as an operator) and my users are from Israel.
I am having a problem with the app local time.

On my admin panel, I have 2 lists:

  1. All the users that were active in the app TODAY.
    For example: X users were active today.
  2. All the users that were active YESTERDAY.
    For example: X users were active yesterday.
    In 00:00 (midnight) List number 1 is suppose to reset and show: 0 users are active today.
    While list number 2 is suppose to update with list 1 users (as for yesterday).

The problem is that list 1 is resets only around 6:45 in the morning (around 6.5-7 hours after midnight).
While list 2 does the job the way its suppose to.

And that means that the list is shows Yesterday’s users as Today until 6:45 in the morning.
And also, any user that want to be active in the morning has to wait until 6:45 in the morning otherwise the users “sees” his yesterday’s activity.

I tried this solution:

  1. Used glide TODAY time - Did not work.
  2. Used Google sheets with formula to get ISRAEL TIME - Sometime it works but sometime it has delay for few houers.

How to solve it? I understand that I need to sat the app to LOCAL ISRAEL TIME. but how to?

In few months I will be in the USA for long period of time and if the app makes problem now, It will be even more problematic with I will be abroad.

Thank you.

What are you using to determine whether a user is “active” or not?

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The user ‘submits’ the daily quiz answers by pressing the SUBMIT button at the end.
The input is: Set col values: - > “Date and time of submission” - > Time now.