how to save information in a main folder

Hello, first of all I want to apologize if the translation is not perfect, I am French and I use the google translator.
I have been discovering glide app for a few weeks now and several things have been blocking me for several days without finding a solution, can you help me?

  1. I created a list of different files, by clicking on each file, it gives me access to a form to fill out. How do I register the information I have provided in this form? And how do you create a button to erase all the information saved on this form at once?

  2. I have a main menu (A) where I can add new folders (B). In each folder (B) I have a button to add a person and a button to add a car. Each of these two buttons allows me to access a form. How to save and display the information of these forms in the file (B)? How can I delete the information concerning the person or the car in the file (B) as desired?

I hope I have been clear enough, thank you in advance for your answers.