How to require multiple criteria for if statement

How would I be able to require multiple criteria in order for an if-then-else statement? In C# terms,
if(a && b){
return true;
} else{
return false;
Currently, the if-else statement evaluates it as true if at least one condition is met, which I do not want. Is there a way to work around this? Thanks

The way to do this is to flip your logic around. So…

  • If a is not true, then false
  • If b is not true, then false
  • Else true

PS. @ARandomBanana I used not true instead of false in that example for a reason. Columns will often have an initial state of empty. This is the case with boolean columns. A boolean column in its default new state (empty) will be neither true or false. So testing for not true covers both the default state (empty), and false.

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Oh! Sorry, I’m not very good at thinking backward. Thanks for the help :smiley:

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