How to prevent form submissions creating new contacts

Hey everyone!

I work for a media company who manages a collection of public Spotify playlists. We receive a large volume of submissions every week so I’ve been working on a form and dashboard through Glide where submissions can be made, then automatically added to a “pending for review tab” in our admin dashboard. From there, I’ve setup automations which automatically create a contact for that submission in the “Contacts” tab. But if an existing contact submits another song, they end up being added to the “Contacts” list again. Is there a way for Glide to check if a contact already exists? By checking for the same first & last name and email perhaps?

Ideally, I’d like the song submission to go through to the pending submission page, without a new contact being generated if they already exist in the contacts table.

Hope I explained this well


You may want to consider custom forms. This will allow you to build relations to check for existing contacts. Then you can set up a custom action to add a new contact row only if the relation is empty.

You could also try this with a native form that has an Add Row action in the On Submit action. I’ve heard that relations partially work in a native form, as far as checking if they are empty or not, but I’ve never tried it myself. I’ve been using custom forms more often lately.