How to perform forward & reverse geocoding in Google Sheets

Maps are becoming a real pain point these days, especially as API pricing has increased more than tenfold with Mapbox and Google.

This has resulted in the need for ‘map optimisation’ techniques to limit the number of API calls, or mix and match various SKUs.

Here’s a neat little mashup that uses Open Cage Data’s geocoding service with Google Sheets…

In short, you can use Google Sheets and the OpenCage Geocoder to quickly convert a list of coordinates to placenames (reverse geocoding) or vice versa (forward geocoding).


Cheers for the tips, Garrison!

As it’s related to my thread the other day, my script took the numbers from Google, but did not require an API key.

Link for reference:


@ThinhDinh: any method that doesn’t require an API key for Google Maps is fine by me!

This is tip will be particularly useful to those who have their address data as placenames and need to forward geocode them to get the coordinates for more accurate pin placements.

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You can use Geocode by Awesome Table too, I used to work with it months ago and made the job always. I don’t know if it is free yet

Hi @ThinhDinh, although any script doesn’t use an API key, Google sets daily query limit (1000). Beyond, you will need your own API key



@gvalero: problem is it uses Google Maps API which is what we need to get away from :wink:

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Thanks for the info, Gustavo. I have only tested it in small scales, will have to give the customer a notice.