How to only pull unique values from a list

Hello there,

I have a am building an app that has a feature of showcasing finished projects.

Each project has a list of products that were used.

Each product has a stone collection.

I would like to only pull unique stone collections, if there are multiple, and show that in a list for each project.

Is this possible?

Hello @Dcuras

Your idea sounds very much possible. You might want to have a look at the following literature:


So each project can have something like:

  • Stone 1
  • Stone 1
  • Stone 2
  • Stone 2
  • Stone 2

And what you want to show is:

  • Stone 1: x2
  • Stone 2: x3

Is that true?

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Thanks @nathanaelb.
But I don’t know if categories and hierarchies is what will solve the problem, although I appreciate learning those details again.

I am looking at three sheets in particular.
1.) Project Gallery - where project related data is stored, and where I need to pull the unique list.

2.) Project Items - a glide table that acts as a catch all for users uploading individual items into the project. Has a related projectID and productID

3.) Products - a list of all the products (skus) we have. The project items are related from this sheet. Each of which, has a stone collection and relates to a separate sheet, although, I don’t think I have to go this far to achieve what I am looking for.

As a user is submitting items into the project, a list builds up in the Project Items tab with a relation to each project via a projectID.

My intention is to show all of the unique stone collections used in the project by rolling up all the values in the project items tab and filtering only the unique ones.

I thought about using lookup field to fetch all the stone collection names through the relation from the project tab to the project item tab and then, somehow filter all the repeated stone collection names, to display only the unique values.

OK, I haven’t studied this thread really close yet, but you mentioned using a lookup to get stone collection names. First of all, do you have a separate sheet that contains all of the stone collections? If so, you should be able to use that lookup to create another relation to the stone sheet, which will give you unique results. Again, I could be way off here since I’ve only read through everything really quick.

Also, It would help a lot if you have some screenshots to get a better visual of what you have and what you are trying to achieve.


So I am pulling the data from the Project Items table to show the related products, of which I create a joined list of just the Stone Collection Name.

What I would like to do is filter repeating values out of the list and only show unique values.

Does this help clarifying?

I see you have a stone collection sheet. Are you able to split your joined list of stone collection names into an array, and then create a relation to the stone collection sheet? That will give you a unique list of related stone collections that you can then use to create another joined list.


That was it.

I didn’t think to relate the new list to the stone collections page and filter repeating values that way.

Thanks for everyone’s help on this one!