How to move record to another table on trigger

Hi Guys,

I have a column called “Status” , When the status changes to “Move” I want select columns of the row to be moved to another table.

I would want mapping of columns between tables to happen.

What would be the recommended way to do this?

I know zapier is one way, is there anyways we can do it without zapier?

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This is normally done with relations and lookups.

Thank you for the reply Darren

I get lookup usage, You will find one component and then d a look up to get other values you mean?

I am confused about Relations

Relation is to map value in column from one table to another right?

I dont have common values.

Example: Table 1 from where value should come will have Column with name “Brand Name”

Table 2 to where value should be written to will have column with name “Brand Name” but the values in both will be different.

Also how would it only trigger when I select option “Move” from my choice?

Its a little confusing to me


Please show me a screen shot of the two tables concerned, and describe what needs to change in the second table when the status is changed in the first table.

I couldn’t take screenshot , so I created a Loom Video

This is my First Table which has a column called toMove

When the status of toMove is “Move”

Few Rows in this table has to be moved to another table

The Loom recording of the table is as below

We need the selected row from table 1 (Few columns) to be created as a new row in Table 2

It should. be a new record, not updating any record.

Let me know if this helps.


is it possible I can use actions for this? Not sure how it would work though , since I have to create record in another table.


Yes, you would need to use an Add Row action.
You mentioned that you use a choice component to change the status - is that inside an Edit Form?
If it is, you can use an onSubmit action to check the new status and add a row to the other table if necessary.
If it’s not in an edit form, then you probably should change that. Or use a simple custom form. Either way, you just need to be able to trigger the add row action when the status changes.

Hi Darren,

Thank you for the reply. If by

You mean wether it is inside table that has status choice then yes it is

Also do we have an action called onSubmit by default? It seems like we need to create a custom action right?


You just need to be able to trigger an action when a user changes the status. If you can’t do that now, change the flow so that you can.

I don’t know how you currently change the status, so I can’t tell you exactly what needs to be changed.

I put a simple button on the detail page saying “Move” and then triggered the add row action.

Thank you for the help Darren


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