How to mask phone number

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Is phone number can be masked? If so,

If I click I should get some payment for them to know it.

Is it possible to do so?

So you want a phone number to be in your database but only paid accounts can see that?


I am thinking you can either use the YC en the encode64 that mark made and an ITE column or just an ITE.

If user’status is paid > 12345678
Else ************

Would that work for your use case?

The ***** could just “*” or the encode64

I will explain what I want,

The app I’m developing is a matrimonial app.
It has photo,name , phone number etc.,
This is what my scenario,

User login by email,
User needs to enter photo,name, phone number etc., details,
It should display details above in the homepage as a list,
If click detail screen should be there

But the phone number in the list should mask,if click the user is asked to pay amount,so that the user can see it.

Also, I don’t want to enter details of an existing user,
After login it should directly go to the home screen displays list.

Theoretically I think that number still does load into the device and if the user can access the database in an unethical way then we don’t have a way to “mask” it.

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