How to manage the google sheet for a data that needs monthly approval

We have patients who take drug A, drug B and drug C which they are to take for life. We review their treatment every month to determine if we should continue with the present medications, which is the case most times. Sometimes we may need to add a drug D or replace the drugs. Usually, we will give 30 days. After review, we approve, then it goes to the pharmacy for dispensing and further approval. This process will be repeated again after 30 days. I want the sheet to be set up in a way that all the approvals are reversed after 28 days, so we can go through the process again.
Currently, from the set up of my google sheet, I have the table that contains patients email, drugs, status (of the approval), duration of drug refill, a countdown to the next approval but I need all the columns for date of review and approvals to be empty again after 28 days.

Only way to currently do this is through scripts. If you search this forum for “scripts” and “clear column” you’ll come across many posts that address this issue.

Thank you

I have a similar use case of recurring approvals,
I use If then Else columns inside Glide and =ifs() formula in Google sheet.

Using the last review date, you can calculate the number of days from that date to present date.
If the number of days is greater than 28, the medication is pending for approval.

Now create a button inside Glide to approve medication and this button is visible only when the status is pending (when days since last review > 28)
The only thing that this button should do is “set columns” to the last review date with current date and time and everything should take care of itself.

Same logic can be copied in the GSheet to understand what’s been approved when.

Let me know if you need more clarity!