How to make the next profile card show up from the top

So I currently have a set of profiles that a user can select or pass on. I recently inputted floating buttons in order to allow the user to make decision on the profile as they scroll down the profile as they are slightly longer. The problem: after the user clicks one of the floating buttons, the user starts at the same location of the profile card in the next profile instead of starting at the top of the next profile. Does anyone know how to bring the user back to the top of the next profile?

Hey @Michael_Zaps, can you share screenshots or, even better, a loom video?

So the floating button is just a way to increment/decrement a value that then makes a relation to a list of users which acts as the filter of the details screen?

If so, I think the only way to make a “go to top” action would be to use the floating button to also set and then immediately clear a user specific boolean value that’s used as a visibility condition on all components on that screen (hide all components when true, show when false). Not ideal, but it should work.