How to make an Image Carousel

Currently I think there’s no way to access that inside the Data Editor. You would have to create image pickers for them.

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I changed it to A,B,C. Let’s see if it sticks.

If you don’t need an array column then that would work. Array columns are only added for sequential numbers.

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You can simulate an array column with a template column and a split text column.


Yes, I only need them stacked as components, but wanted clear headers for it. Thanks.

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how about 2021 version? glide can’t automatically create the special column

Did you do the columns in a Glide Table? If you have them in the Sheet, do you place them next to each other?

Hello all, does anybody know if instead of an image carousel, could an image change every time the user visits? For example, let’s say I’m making a tourism/city discovery app for NY. Maybe one time I open the app, I want an image of Times Square but the next time I visit, I want a picture of someplace more unique to locals like Union Square as locals won’t really care about Times Square if they live there.

Thanks in advance!

You can do this with Single Value → Random


Odd, I just created 3 image columns, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 next to each other, but in a table.
I cant see the automatic column.
Am I missing any special rules?
do they have to be at the end of the sheet.
this is a glide sheet with other columns, but they are next to each other.
defined as images


That Works, Thanks Darren.

Ok, let me test this baby a bit more!!!
So is there a way to have a dynamic text overlay on the carousel.
ie. for each Image 1, 2,3 field, I have an overlay text field, that is also dynamically based on the picture I am showing.
Tried and array, but that doesn’t work in the same way.

Maybe I am pushing you too far, but maybe there is some form of dynamic relationship or way I can make the caption field dynamic in some sort of way based on the image being shown!!

Come on, really impress me, If I am not already!!

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I don’t think there’s a way to do it natively as the carousel swipe does not trigger anything. Would have to make the overlay in Cloudinary I guess.

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@daspearce you could do something similar with an inline list - tiles layout.
Otherwise as @ThinhDinh says - use cloudinary to change the image by providing an overlay with relevant info

Inspiration for overlays can eg be seen here

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just for Laughs,
isn’t that a carousel ???
ok it’s not funny !!!


I use it automatically with this script

@import '//';

but when I created some columns from the same names like Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, etc. I haven’t found the main column which adds the images
please help…[file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/yufdy.pdf](file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/yufdy.pdf)

Please attach a valid screenshot here so we can debug the issue.

Have you put them next to together in the Sheet or are you using Glide Tables?

I was also having the issue where the array field was not showing up and it turns out that even though I put the columns next to each other in the data editor, they were not next to each other in the google sheet. Once I moved them the array column appeared. This needs to be added to the documentation because it was EXTREMELY frustrating.

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@PabloMFalero I think we can have a doc update regarding the issue above in the array column page.

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