How to make a link that don't open a new page in the browser


I am a link that don’t open a new browser page but replace the existing one. Is this possible in glide?

Hi, I’m not sure I get it. What do you mean “replace the existing one”? Can you explain more about your use case for it?

I’m sure all these links are using _blank parameter to open in new tab. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to replace tabs using such a href parameter.

When you cilc on a link in glide, it open a new tab in the browser for you to see it. I want the web page of the link to replace the glide app in the browser not open a new tab.

That is not possible. I guess you would put it in as a feature request.

I guess the best you could do is use html in a rich text box and create an a link using the _self target parameter

To avoid html, what happens with a markdown link?

Can you do a target _self in markdown?

Maybe not. Looks like the markdown engine tags on the target_blank automatically.

Seem that even the _self don’t work it suppose to be in glide. Still opening a new tab each time. I looked in the final html code of the app and in replace _self by _blank. I di try:

text to click

Hm…ya…none of the html attributes seem to make a difference. oh well.