How to maintain relationship when key in parent changes

I have a property management app using google sheets where the table “properties” is related to the table “tenants” and there are several other tables like “expenses” that are related as well to the “properties” table. The application is coming along nicely but how would others manage the situation where if the user changes the name of the property in the main table - ie they miss-spelled it and there were already related records in the other tables/sheets.

I am starting to think that I need to change the structure of the tables to use the property row_id so the relationship would not be affected if the property name changed. I’ve been going down the road of using an Apps Script and the onEdit event to maintain the relationship – it’s doable but as I write this post explaining my question, it’s becoming more obvious to me that I need to use Row ID or other unique key in the properties table.

Thoughts from others more experienced …


I always use Row ID’s or Unique ID’s for that exact same reason.


This is why you should always make your relations using unique keys (row IDs) instead of names…

@Jeff_Hager beat me to the punch!


LOL, thanks guys for such a quick reply :slight_smile:

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Always use RowID’s/UniqueID’s in this situation.

oh, wait… you already got that answer.



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