How to link the tabs in spreadsheet?

I would like to link one tab data to another tab. This another tab could be dashboard where I can see top 10 sales and most recent sales. I am doesn’t create this kind of stuff before so can any one help me out how to do it?

If you’re talking specifically about top 10 sales then you can use a QUERY to achieve it.

For the most recent sales, I believe this can be done with a rollup column inside Glide.

Sorry but, I can’t understood please explain in details - how to use the QUERY and rollup feature.

For the QUERY part, you can read this article:

Specifically the part about ORDER and LIMIT.

If you want to grab a basic knowledge about it first then I have written about it here:

For the rollup column, I believe you can rollup by “Latest” using the datetime column.

Here’s the documentation:

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