How to integrate data in one tab but not in another

Hi everyone,

I’m just starting with Glide and it may be simple but I’m not good enough in English to find the solution to my problem :expressionless: I want to add info in one bloc but when I add one thing, it is duplicated to the others, how can I do to “stick” these info in only one bloc please ?

Thank you very mych !

Welcome @CecileDR, can you explain why the info appears in the other bloc? Also please explain what you mean by ‘bloc’.

A picture tells one thousand words :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you provide a screen shot that shows what you are trying to do?

Sorry, it should be better now :slight_smile:
A bloc is “actus”, “présentation de l’entreprise” and when I add info in the first one for example it would appear in other blocs.
And I use “screen” from menu on the left to add information

Thank you !

I’m not exactly sure that I understand, but maybe this is what you are looking for…

? :thinking:


This is exactly what I needed ! Thank you so much :slight_smile: