How to have *.aab file to upload in Play Store?


anyone know how to obtain *.aab file to upload in Play Console, to have my app published in Play Store?

I only have *.apk file of my app, but Play Console don’t recognize it, because he ask me for a *.aab file (that I think is the new format…).

Anyone of you have idea how to maybe convert it?


Glide doesn’t officially support it, so you won’t get it natively.

I would suggest finding third party services, that’s your best bet, but beware of scams.

Glide don’t support it, but *.apk file is already in our hands when we install the app. If you forward the installed app on your phone to another one person, like by WhatApp, the *.apk file in sent.

Maybe there is a way to upload apk in Play Console? Or a free converter to aab?