How to get the day of the current date?

Hi fellow Gliders,
I would like to know, how to get the day from the current date.
I know that in the Math column if you put Day(Date) you will get the number of the day of the month.
For example, 6-7-2023 will give me the 6
But I would like to have the day, so Thursday.
Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

For your use case, where (I believe) you are the only user of your App, I would recommend the Format Date column.

Note that I wouldn’t normally recommend this for a multi-user App, because there are known issues with the Luxon library. But in your case, it should be fine.


Thanks :slight_smile:
I was looking in the wrong place
Indeed, the app will be for one user, so this is perfect.

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