How to get filename like URL column type?

HI guys!

I’m wondering how can I get filename from a file in google drive?

When I use URL column type, on Design->Label there is an option to select callled Page Title


This option allow Link component to show filename


Is there another way to extract it into a text column type? So I could use it in a inlist

Any clue?

Thaks in advance!

Could you share the full URL? If the structure of the URL is consistent, two ideas to extract the name of the file:

  • Use a split text column with / as the delimiter. Then perhaps do it again with . as the delimiter should you want to remove .pdf.

  • Use one of the advanced computed columns in the “Text” group to truncate the URL.

Really I have no idea of these ideas would work, we would need to see the URL.

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I agree with this, since there can be variations of URL for the same file, and the structure of the URL will determine what approach we make here.

I created a PDF from a Google Docs and uploaded it to Google Drive, and the name of the file doesn’t appear for me in the URL.

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After some Googling, I believe Google Drive does allow you to store the filename, but not in the URL. The URL seems to only show the file ID as you mentioned. To retrieve the original file name, you must dive into the file’s metadata.

Glide does allow you to keep the file name in the URL when you upload files, though.

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Hi Mate

You are right, there is no name in url’s path

Does anyone knows about an api ?

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Thnx guys!!

The calling method is provided here, but it also comes with authorization headers.

If your file name does not get changed frequently, then when you add a new item with a Drive link, I would send that link to Make through a webhook action, then retrieve the file name using an API call/get file action there, update the name back to Glide in a basic column.

Working on it!

Thnx Mate!!

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