How to create splash screen

How to create splash screen at the start of the app. Almost i have created 70% of my app. And now i want to create a splash screen, A small video i have created in After Effect and i want to add that video as a splash screen. Any suggestion or help how it work. Thanks

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  1. Create a column called “splash screen completed” in your user profiles table
  2. Create a new tab with the user profiles table as your source…filter it to where email > is signed in user
  3. Add the video content you want
  4. On that tab, include a button with a CTA to begin the app experience (eg. “Let’s go!”)
  5. That button has a set columns action to write a value (I prefer timestamp) to the “splash screen completed” column
  6. Set visibility condition on the splash screen tab to only show when “splash screen completed” is empty
  7. Set visibility condition on all other tabs to only show when “splash screen completed” is NOT empty

but using a button to set a value for the splash screen column will make it visible one time only

Did you want the video to display every time a user opens the app?

I use a GIF image as my background for the sign in screen and the loading screen. It’s not a video with sound, but it’s a GIF made from a video, and gives a nice little startup animation until the app is fully loaded.

There is the possibility though that it could cut out early if the app loads too quickly, as well as looping over and over until the app takes longer to load. So if you are expecting the full length of the video to play, as well as not loop, then using a GIF for your loading screen background may not be a solution.


it will be cool to display the splash screen every time the user opens the app

Can you show what you have set up so far, and what’s not working?

this looks interesting. do you use the GIF in a container? I didn’t even know you could do that. well that some user could create a topic about designer tips.

No, I don’t use a container. I have a Classic App that has options for adding a background image to the sign in screen.

Currently these options are not available in New Apps.

I understood. it is a shame. this would be very welcome in the new applications.

yeah tried flash video file and gif file both but it is not working

I don’t have this feature in my dashboard

I already created that topic … but no proper replies . Seems no one has an idea.

That feature is only available for classic apps. I believe it’s on the road map and should make its way into new apps.

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can i watch Video for Setting This bro…

Thank You So Much Bro @Robert_Petitto, I Subcribe & Always Watching You Youtube Channel All About GlideApp.


im Sorry I Question Again,where i Found a Image Background in your Video?
for refrence for me Please!

Thanks You So Much @Robert_Petitto …

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