How to create a tab to use as admin?

Hello, I want to ask the following, do I need to access a specific tab as admin but when creating it with a visibility condition in the menu, it throws this screen to the other users a gray screen with the message “false” but I think this is confusing for other users and they may think it is an error , I don’t know if there is another way to do it and that does not affect the menu? It’s just that I need to have access to certain information, I’m on the PRO plan, maybe there is a way to create a type of admin user, I don’t know it, so I want to ask if this is the way you do it or if there is a better one. Thanks Attached video :

User’s won’t see that grayed out screen. That’s only in the development environment so you can still develop the tab. Otherwise it could potentially hide and you would never see or be able to access it again.

It’s just there tell you that the particular view would would be hidden to a user in the normal app.

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Great, Jeff Thank you very much for the clarification, regards.

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