How to count the number of users who have enabled push notifications?

Hi gliders, as per my topic title, i want to count the number of users who have enabled push notifications so I know my audience size that i am marketing to.

I have set a rollup column in data editor but however it doesnt seem to count all but instead it only lists as ‘1’- which is my own.

When users ‘enable push notifications’, column ‘Push Allowed’ is set to True. (user-specific)

What should i do so it counts the total number of ‘True’ under ‘Push Allowed’?


Thank you

Is there a reason your push allowed column is user specific? You can’t count others user specific columns. You’d have to store that value in a basic column to count it for everyone.

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Hey there,

Yes, I show the ‘Enable Push Notifcation’ button with visibility conditions only to those who have not enabled it (not set to ‘True’) and so I need a user specific column.

Thanks guys, I have resolved it. What i did was to have another column which is set to true as well but this will be non user-specific and its for the purpose of counting up.

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User specific columns are rarely needed in a User table because each user already has their own row. As long as the visibility condition is using values from the user’s profile, or the screen is filtered to their user row, then you shouldn’t need a user specific column when you store the value because the you are either filtered to the correct row, or you have the ability to write a value directly to a user’s profile row regardless of which table or row the screen is attached to.


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