How to count how many times a value is in an array

Hi Everyone.
How to count how many times a column value is contained in the corresponding row of an array?

I found several similar requests from other users in the search, but they remained without any reasonable answer.
Maybe someone already came up with an elegant solution for this?

You can use my link in an Experimental Code column.

The source code:


Damn it! This works great!!
Thank you very much!

I hope the Glide staff will someday add this feature to working with arrays…

I hope you won’t be making any changes to this Experimental code anytime soon, as I’m already using it in the app :grinning:

Also, I will be glad if you can be trusted, because I have already chosen “I Understand” :handshake:)))

I have no doubt that Thinh can be trusted :wink:

That notwithstanding, I would always recommend cloning his repository and publishing under your own GitHub account. Then you have control.

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This is a very good idea. Where can you read about it? I didn’t see this information in the Documentation.

This is a GitHub thing, so you won’t see anything about it in the Glide Documentation.
I gave a rough guide in the below thread, you should be able to follow it:



I went to Github instead of continuing with Replit all based on Darren’s recommendation and guides. And yes, I won’t be changing that code since I’m using it in some apps as well!

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