How to count favourites for tracking (not likes)?

Hi there. I’m trying to find a way to count items that are favourited in the Glide Editor for data tracking. Does anyone know a way to count favourites (not likes). Thanks!

Is it the native favorite component? It’s writing to a user-specific column so you can’t count it live but I believe you can count semi-manually by exporting the app data once in a while.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the native favourite component. Could you explain what you mean by “you can count semi-manually by exporting the app data”? Since it’s a boolean, how does this work?

Glide now offers the ability to export app data in this section. I assume it would also include your favorite data since in my last chek, it did include all user-specific data.

So in short, you can’t do the count by Glide calculated columns, but if you really need those numbers, you can export this once in a while and use Excel/Sheet formulas to calculate it.

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Thanks! I’ll test it out

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