How to convert time to number?

how to convert time to number

What kind of number?

convert now to total seconds

Total seconds since? 1/1/1970?

I get it, thanks

I’m interested in this too… basically, I want to join a RowID with the earliest of the dates (just a basic date+time) to create a relation, but I’m not comfortable with joining the time in a text format.
What would be the best to convert the date-time including millisecs to a reasonably short but stable number or text? Like the UNIX timestamp?

PS: With this, I’m using a cool trick to limit my ledger to max 10 items then the earliest is overwritten…

What I usually do is use a math column to convert it to a numerical form. Something like:


With T being the timestamp in question. That will give me a format of YYYYMMDD.

If you want minutes, hours and seconds, just add the relevant params into the formula.