How To Connect Profiles and Created Items

I’m wondering how to have a product connect to a user/seller account so they can go back and edit or remove the listing and also add some o the user information.

My original theory was using the Reference column to save the product’s Row ID to the user’s data. I had plan to do this by having a custom action Submit button on the “Create Product” page save the Row data to the user but this did nothing as no data was saved.

How would I connect the two?

Wouldn’t it be easier just to save the user’s RowID or Email in the Product table. Just add the the RowID or Email at the time the Product is added. Then you have a value that you can use to create a relation to link the product to the user table


Thanks. Took a few tries but got it. One more thing. How would I clear the form. Please note that this is a custom form.

when you click submit, create custom action to clear entered values

But how would I clear it though custom? There is no option

by custom you mean, that you created a screen with some entry fields… then you must have some button to submit these entries… so add action to that button…
post a screenshot of your form, so I can better understand what you doing

I’m on my Chormbook right now but I mean for the custom option do I add set columns? I tried but there was no reset.

yes, add a set column… clear value

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