How to choose the range of columns based on their own names?

Sorry for my question cos, I’m very new in GLIDE and would appreciate a quick guideline, if possible, of course.
My question is:
Whether is possible to make a filter or query to choose the range of columns based on their own names or not?

In detail, I have one table with the column “Items” followed by many columns named as dates “20240701”, “20240702”, “20240703”, “20240704” …up to “20241231”, for example
Column “Items” consists of the name of the particular item (Item1, Item2, Item3, etc, for example) and each column “20240701”, “20240702”, etc consists of the Item’s price on a specific date.
In the other table, each User can choose the particular “Item” and the range of dates, i.e. “DataStart” and “DataEnd”
For example
Item: Item2
“DataStart”: “20240805”
“DataEnd”: "20240815

How and whether it is possible to filter the data based on the names of the columns via the relation of their names to the range between “DataStart” and “DataEnd”?

In other words, how to create a relation from the two cells which determine the range of the dates, to the multiple columns whose names are in that range?
Sorry once again if I asked some nonsense

I think it would be a whole lot easier to restructure your data with a table that has three columns. An Item column, a Date column, and a Price column. With a single item/date/price per row, then you can easily filter the rows by item and date.

Otherwise you are looking at a whole mess of at least 180 components with visibility conditions for each and every one of them.


Yeah, this seems to be a violation of the First Normal Form.


Great thanks for all answers provided. Noted.
I just want to avoid many rows in the table.