How to calculate the Title field when saving a form

I’d like to use the name field and the start date as the Title when i save the form to my table. e.g. If the user is John and the start date time is Tuesday, June 20 - I’d like the title to be calculated as “John - Tuesday, June 20” when the form is submitted. thx

What do you mean by “title field when saving a form”? Do you mean when a user opens the form, it should show them that title? Or it should show that title when they open the submitted row?

In either case, you can use a template column to construct the title and use it as your screen’s title field.

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Are you using Add form or Edit form? If you would like, please provide a screenshot to help visualize your problem.

I’ll be more clear. Sorry. If a user creates a form with their name and the requested session date id like the record title to be “Joe 6/20/24” when the form is submitted

Use a template column to join the two values into one.


Here’s the link to the relevant documentation.

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