How to calculate days between two dates

I though this was simple and I’m pretty sure I’ve done it before. Calculating the days between now and the date of record creation.
But no matter what I do it end up giving me 0, But I’m expecting a 1 as the log date was yesterday.

I have the following:

I’ve tried to put the Truncation in caps none caps. But still don’t work.
Am I doing something completely wrong?

If it’s less than 1 day (ie. less than 24 hours), trunc will round down to zero.
Try using Round(Now - Date)

Or if you wanted it to always round up, you could use Ceiling(Now - Date)


Thanks @Darren_Murphy, Round did the trick.
Ceiling gave me 1 but for logs created today would also gie me one.

It’s basically needed to format dates into today, yesterday etc… but I think round works

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