Date difference format issues

I’m trying to count how many days I have between today and a sleeted start day.

I’ve followed all guides etc., which works like it should.


When I put it into my formula, the format on “days” give me a lot of decimals.
I just want to have clean number, without decimals.

Have been trying 100’s of workarounds, without any luck

Can anyone help me out?

Please check attached:

The simplest way to count the number of days between two dates is with a Math column:

Trunc(End - Start)

Actually, I just noticed that you’re calculating the number of days between the current date and some date in the past, so you could use the special “Now” value in the math formula. eg:

Trunc(Now - Start)


You’re always on the spot, with great solutions!

Thanks a lot!

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