How to Basic Multi-Select Filter?

New to Glide, couldn’t find this function. Think bedrooms, bathrooms, and price range filters on Real Estate search. Multi-select, front facing buttons. (Sample visual)

This is very basic filter functionality, so the answer must be slapping me in the face! Help?

Note: Data in source gSheet is dynamic. (Total # rows will vary). Thx!

No, the answer isn’t slapping you in the face. It’s possible, but it takes some work.

I would take a look at this for an efficient way to get your filters to work.

I would then take a look at this for a way to create a multi-select list, that can then be used to build a joined list that you can then use with an IF column and ‘is included in’, for example, like the above method uses.

You can use choice components, inline lists, entry components, and anything else that might be useful. The only thing we don’t have is the slider bar.


OK, thanks @Jeff_Hager. This solution was too cumbersome. I got @Robert_Petitto’s other multi-inline list solution working at last. Watched video many times, linked below. It doesn’t seem to bog down with big datasets, but we’ll see.

I will use same button select solution for rough price ranges.

Any idea how to set default filter selection on page load? CSS Likely req’d?

You can’t have a default filter with just CSS. I suggest you build this screen on the user profiles sheet and use a flow somewhere in your onboarding flow to set a default value to the user-specific column you’re using to filter.

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