How to automate design via Glide?

Building something where I use Open AI for texts and Dall-e for images. What I am looking for now is an automation to use the OpenAI text and the Dall-e image in a design template. For example send the text and the image to something like Canva and then make it a Insta post. Does anyone have an idea for this? Don’t think Canva works via Zapier.

I’ve never used Canva, but it looks like it does have an API, which means that it’s probably possible (at least in theory) to do what you want.

You’d need to start with a webhook from Glide to either Make/Zapier, and then pass the values from there to Canva via its API.


Thanks! Let’s see how far I get!

Good luck, let us know how you get on :slight_smile: