Dreaming of a future with OpenAI and DALL-E

I’ve mentioned it before but … how great would it be …

  • write titles in Glide, send them to Open AI and get good texts back.
  • write descriptions in Glide, send them to DALL-E and get good pictures back.
    It would help especially in the sketching phase of apps, so no one has to work with ‘lorem ipsum’ texts and Unsplash pics only.
    I don’t know if they already have open API’s, but it’s a future I look forward to a lot!

If you want to fill in data as a test for the applications, use this website


+1 Mockaroo is great. Love it for test data.


This is exactly what I’m trying to figure out right now. But it’s above my head.
I don’t know how to code in python and don’t see a way to post it back in a Glide App.
But I can see running python code in Zapier as a possibility and sending emails or SMS with the output.

Here is a bit of my research so far.

If anyone knows how to implement it, please let me know. :wink:

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I believe both DALL-E and Midjourney are not available through APIs. Would be neat if you can have an authorized API to send a text command to, and get an image back even if it takes like a minute.

There is this though:

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As of 1/2 an hour ago…

Link to Dall-E API Documentation

But I personally have no idea how to use API’s within a Glide app quite yet.

Not for every country, though.

I find this hilarious. A few months ago, I applied for the trial usage of DALL-E. They approved my request, only for me to discover my country is not available to all OpenAI products when I log in.

Not so open after all, I guess…

Here’s a reply on their forum about a possible reason why it’s not completely open.

Why some one in the USA can check and use this API thing and connect with glide.Please someone try and post videos.

I too don’t have idea how this will work.If someone helps us to know how can we use this in the future.

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