How to ask for custom text in an Action

Hi, I’m building a custom CRM for my company. I have a table for People and a table for Notes. On the Notes table I have columns ‘NoteText’, ‘Date and Time’, and ‘Related People’.

What I Want
I want to relate Notes to People, so on the Details page for a Person I have created a Button for “Add New Note”. I want to be able to tap this button, enter text, and then have it add a row to the Notes table.

Problem I Need to Solve
When I am setting up the Action for what the Button does, I cannot figure out how to tell Glide to let me type text that will then be entered as the ‘NoteText’. If I set the Action to “Add Row” it simply adds a row with the current date and time to the Notes table, leaving the ‘NoteText’ empty.

Any ideas?

What you want is the Show Form action.
This will open a new screen where you can add the input components that you need, and then when the user submits a new row will be created.

A slightly more complicated way to do this (but one that gives you more control over the user experience) is to use a Link to Screen → This Item action, and then build a custom form. An example of how this can be done is available here.


Thank you, Darren. I appreciate your help.