How to allow RANKING according to preference

I need to figure out how to RANK items in Glide according to preference, and I need to figure out a way to allow them to input those values. For example, MOST IMPORTANT → LEAST IMPORTANT, with four options.

In my mind, I imagine there may be some IF → THEN statements involved, but I really don’t know where to begin and I cannot find a tutorial for it. I will need to ensure that if one item is ranked with a 4 that none of the other items can be ranked as 4, but only 3, 2, or 1.

Lots of different ways you could do this. One relatively straightforward way would be to use 4 separate choice components (probably in segmented mode), and then use screen filtering to progressively filter the choices.

Hmmm… okay, I will check out the links you offered. I am not familiar with “segmented mode” so I will need to explore that. I do think I understand the gist of what you are saying… Once they select one, it disappears as an option and only those not chosen remain?

Yes, that’s correct.
Have a play with that and see how you get on. I could give you an example, but I don’t have time right now, sorry.

No problem, thank you for what you have shared. Much appreciated.:pray:t6:

Here’s how I do ranking—not sure if it meets your needs:


:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:YAY!!! I am always watching your videos and I learned so much in this one about features. I think I can figure out a way do what I need to do using these additional features. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do!


Happy to help!!!

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