How to add text in an Item

Hello, how can i add text in an item (screenshot for example)

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Could you explain the question more? You want to edit the text? ( YouTube ) If it is you can enable the Edit Form! Or you want to add another text? If it is you can add the text component!

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Yes, i need a way to add text on an app section. How can i do it?

You can add the Text Component and add the text!

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Ok, thanks a lot

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Sorry, but how can i arrive to this section?

Could you add a screenshot to see that where are you in the Editor? Are you coming from a list to a details view? ( I saw that on your first screenshot )

Nothing just solved

I didn’t get it! Solved or not? What have you done and what you get currently? ( with some screenshots if possible )

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Yeah, problem solved

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