How to add date/time using API

I’m using Javascript axios to add a new row into my Glide table and everything gets added properly besides the date/time cell. The date/time cell is Date & Time type.

I have tried all of these values for the date/time cell and none have worked:

  • new Date()
  • "8/30/2022 10:31:00"
  • "2022-08-31 03:22"
  • "2022/01/09 12:04:43"
  • "2022-08-31"
  • "8/31/2022 8:13am"

Loom video for overview of my problem → link

I’m curious to know what value it places inside of that cell if you change your column type to text.

Found what the issue was. The column title for that date/time cell originally was Response Date but later I changed it to New Lead Date. When I made my POST request to add the new row, I tried adding the date to the column with the name New Lead Date instead of Response Date. Not sure why the column title didn’t change for the API.

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