How long does it take for Google Analytics to work

i just connected Google Analytics to my app, been 3 hours and nothing works yet.

How long do i have to wait for it to work?


Did you find out?

I have analytics running on one of my apps. I don’t recall exactly how long it took before data started appearing, but it was no more than a few hours. Of course, if the app isn’t being used…

Can I ask you what kind of data can you analyze?

Like, can you know how many clicks on a certain button or visualizations etc?

In my case, I’m just interested in the basics - mainly raw number of users, device types, and which countries my app is being accessed from. But GA is a lot more powerful than that. I’d suggest browsing the support articles to get an idea of the capabilities.

I know it can tell you a lot of things, I just still don’t know if it can do it with glide, but thx.

Most things seems to work fine… here are some examples:

  1. Page Views

  1. Event Counts

  1. Users by Country

  1. Users by Browser

  1. Users by Screen Resolution

Anything specific that you are looking for?

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Well, thx, that is interesting;

I’m interested in views on specific pages, my app will have multiple users set up their own store, and I’d like to give them the possibility to see the statistics, the clicks on the “call me” button, or the “map” button.

Also my app will have lists containing object owned by different vendors, I don’t know if GA can as far as telling you if the user visualized a specific item of the list (or stopped after viewing the first 3 eg).

Thx again for your help