How does this array looks like.?

I am trying out the array feature. I have passed an array to experimental Js code. I want to know how this arr will look like. And how can we print any value in console, and why we use
…arr.value and how does it look like to computer.

I want to access an element in this array how to do that.

The repl code link is:

So what exactly do you want? To access a specific element in the array or something else?

Have you tried these plugins?

Yes, I have some complex formula, for which i am using Js libraries to calculate the output, for that i am passing an array to the Js file using experimental code. This array contains 5 items now, i want to extract these 5 items individually and calculate the output and send back the output array to the glide again.

So how to access the individual array items which is sent from the glide to the platform.

Normally I don’t send arrays directly to Replit, what I do is send the list of numbers to Replit (joined list column with a comma delimiter, or if you’re using numbers, something like “||”).

Then, in Replit, make that an array using the split function.

what can be the data type of the sent data.?

@ThinhDinh Can you send me your repo where you have implemented this. I am not getting the output.