How do I rollup favorites?

So I have this small app for a festival where participants use the native Glide favorites functionality to make their personal schedule. It would be super cool if I could rollup favorites, so that I could say “this artist is on 24 people’s schedules” and this one on 12, etc.

Is that possible somehow? My app is here:

You can’t rollup favourites across users, as they are user specific.

To get what you want, you’d need to change things around slightly.

Firstly, you’d need a Number column in your Artists table that is not user specific, that can be used to maintain a global count for each artist.

And secondly, you’d need a button or some other component that people can use to add/remove an artist from their favourites. You’d have an action attached to that button that sets the (user specific) favourites column, and at the same time adjusts the global counter with an increment action.

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