How do I pull the first part of an email?

Hey guys.

I’d like for my user’s default Username to be their email without the part. Is there some formula to do so? Or is it possible (somehow) with the split text column?

Hello, does it have to be glide?
Or can it be in google sheets?
In glide I don’t know, in google sheet it can be done like this.


I was watching with split text.
If you previously know the type of mail, eg. @, @, when doing split text and in the configuration you write that, it separates the text. But I don’t know how you can show it.


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If he has enough time then possibly a template column can help replacing all the, etc. by a blank character.


I’m not sure I understand.
Suppose that you have already identified all the types of emails, I don’t see how to show the split text result.
I tried template but couldn’t, surely there is a way.
I can’t display split text with a template.

Split text can’t be shown in a text component because they’re an array. Template can theoretically replace all email handles with a blank character but the problem is to identify all of them handles.

Still I think your original Sheet solution works best, it’s straightforward.


This is another example where having some string manipulation methods in the math column would make this sort of thing trivial.


Using the sheet formula solution. Thanks!