How do I point a List Component / Button to a Multiple File Data Column

I have added (Multiple File Picker) in my form that allows users to upload their resume. (PDF) Added the column in my data chart, etc. Unfortunately when the Candidate list/profile is displayed I can see all of the data for that candidate EXCEPT the resume.

Can someone kindly help me point a component to the data in that multiple file column?! It should be easy but I can’t figure it out!

Have you tried a Link component?

Thank you so much for your attention.

I have! Is that the only component that works for this column type? I’d love it to be a button vs a link.

If you can believe it, I’ve been trying every single component (just to test) none of them worked until just now. Somehow that link component worked just now!! Thank you so much.

Would users ever upload more than one file? You only mentioned a resume, so that’s why I ask. The problem is that the Multiple Files column is an array type column. Many components can’t work with arrays as they are only meant to work with single values. There are a few exceptions, such as the image component and link component which can in fact work with arrays as well as single values.

If a user would only ever upload one file, then you can just use a regular text column to hold your upload url and a user will be able to upload only one file into that column. Then you can use a variety of components, including a button, since the basic text column is just a single value instead of an array.


Unbelievable - Sometimes the solution is like LITERALLY right in front of your face. I was totally overthinking this. Thank you so much. Adjusted it and it’s perfect.

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