How do i link an entry with a user

I am trying to build an app where comments are attributed to users and this is displayed within the app

i.e if two users have seen the same talk both users comments should be displayed under the talk with their name displayed.

note users are able to add new talks, there is no limit to the amount of talks prescribed by the app.

Hi @Amelia_Barry,

You mean you want to know which user created the comment and show that user’s name? You can create a email property and update that with the user’s email special value. And you can create a relation with that email and get the other details of that user using lookups! You can do the same thing like getting the row id of the user and create a relation and getting the details from lookups. If you need only the name you can create a text property and add that with user name.

Thank you

I don’t get this part. Is this a private chat or a public chat? Specifically about the “seen” word.