How do I create alerts based on things that are supposed to happen, but don't?


I am trying to use Zapier and Glide to create an alert each day at 10 AM if a record isn’t created or a specific action isn’t taken - it’s like an inverted notification, I’m notified when something doesn’t happen that was supposed to. How can I do this? I’ve tried to create a time-triggered Zapier each day at 10 AM but I’m unsure how to build it out further, as in, a record was supposed to be created but wasn’t, so alert me.

Thank you,

How do you define whether a record has been created or not? I assume you’re using Google Sheets as your backend.

I’m not sure if Zapier’s “search row” works the same way as Make, but within Make I would do it like this:

  • Make sure each record has a timestamp of the date it was created.
  • Create a Make scenario that has the initiating node being a “Search Row” function. Search for the current day’s value, matching the value in the “created date” column in Google Sheets.
  • Only continue if no rows are found.
  • Send yourself a message that the row was not created for today.